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PS Integrated Facilities Pvt. Ltd

SCO 309, 1st Floor, Sector 38D

Chandigarh (160014)

Who we are


PS Integrated Facilities Pvt. Ltd established in 2008.We started our business with specialized services and gradually evolved into a comprehensive Integrated Facilities services, like Housekeeping, Commercial Cleaning, Facade and Glass Cleaning, Business Support Services, and Security Services etc.
The Company core principle is to provide value for customers with strict adherence to all statutory compliances. Our Team of Integrated Facilities are most effective and creative mix of people, process and technology to design customized solutions which offer distinct business advantages and benefits in terms of operational efficiencies and financial savings.
Our services has been structured with the qualified and experienced technical team in the field of Housekeeping, Commercial Cleaning, support services and Security services. We offer our services in the domains of Govt., Public and Private sectors such as Retail, IT, Telecom, Banks and financial Institutions, Education Institutions, Health care, and Hotels etc.

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Price List

  • Bathroom Cleaning

    Bathroom Cleaning

    Services Rates
    1 Bathroom Rs. 779/-
    2 Bathroom Rs. 1449/-
    3 Bathroom Rs. 2049/-
    4 Bathroom Rs. 2549/-
  • Home Cleaning

    Home Cleaning

    Services Rates
    1 BHK (approx 700 sq. Ft. ) Rs. 3449/-
    2 BHK  (approx 1100 sq. Ft. ) Rs. 4449/-
    3 BHK (approx 1600 sq. Ft. ) Rs. 5449/-
    4 BHK (approx 2100 sq. Ft.) Rs. 6549/-
  • Cushion


    Services Rates
    Small Cushions Rs. 49/-
    Medium Cushions Rs. 79/-
    Large Cushion Rs. 99/-
  • CAR Cleaning

    CAR  Cleaning

    Services Rates
    5 Seater Car Rs. 749/-
    7 Seater Car Rs. 949/-
    9 Seater Car RS. 1249/-
  • Marble Polishing

    Marble Polishing

    Services Rates
    Floor Re-Polishing Starting  Rs. 32/- per sqrt.
    New Floor Polishing Starting  Rs. 32/- per sqrt.
  • Carpet & Sofa

    Carpet & Sofa

    Services Rates
    Carpet Cleaning (50 sq. Ft. To 150 sq. Ft.) Rs. 14/- per sq. Ft.
    Carpet Cleaning (150 sq. Ft. To 300 sq. Ft.) Rs. 12/- per sq. Ft.
    Carpet Cleaning (300 sq. Ft. To 600 sq. Ft.) Rs. 10/- per sq. Ft.
    Carpet Cleaning (600 sq. Ft. To 1000 Sq. Ft.) Rs. 8/- per sq. Ft.
    Carpet Cleaning (Greater than 1000 sq. Ft.) After visit the site
    Fabric Sofa Cleaning Rs. 199/- Per Seat
    Leather Sofa Cleaning Rs. 199/- Per Seat
    Dining Chair Cleaning Rs. 99/- Per Seat

our Clients

Aurocity Delhi
BodyZone Fitess and Spa
Chitkara University
Haryana Secretriate
Hotel Peninsula Panchkula
J&K Bank
Nik Bakers
Panchyati Raj-SAS  Nagar Mohali
Punjab Forest Complex
Ramada Plaza-Zirakpur
Smart Data Enterprises
World Trade Park-Jaipur



PS Integrated Facilities provide High Quality and Best cleaning services to our clients. Our customized residential and commercial services are available in Chandigarh, Haryana, Punjab.

  • Housekeeping Services
  • Facade and Glass Cleaning
  • Pest control services
  • Anti Termite
  • Sofa and Carpet Cleaning
  • Painter
  • AC, Washing and Freeze service
  • Bathroom Cleaning
  • Full House Cleaning
  • Cockroach Pest Control
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • General Pest Control
  • Marble Polishing