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Bedroom & Living Room Cleaning Services in Chandigarh

Are you planning to take out time for cleaning for your house? Does it feel too much dirt in your house? If yes, then why not get in touch with us, as we promise to provide you with the full house cleaning services. We assure you that we will do the deep cleaning of your house by removing the cobwebs, water damage, mold growth, and dust in the nook and corners.

The company uses the best machinery including Single disk Scrubbing machines, Sweeping Machines, Auto Scrubbers, Vacuum Cleaners, Carpet Extraction machines to provide integrated services across various industries including fitness centers, corporate offices, hospitals, schools, luxurious apartments. Proving to be a one-stop solution to every problem is something required in this fast-paced century for Full House Cleaning Services.

On top of this, taking care of children and your family can make it near to impossible for you to clean your full house. As you know that cleaning as well as housekeeping should not be ignored because you do not want to never negotiate on providing a clean and hygienic environment for your kids and any family member. So, that is where PS Facilities come as we will provide you with deep cleaning house service to make your house look new and that is still at very reasonable prices. 

home cleaning

Home cleaning services in Chandigarh protect you from allergens, bacteria, diseases as well as assist to counter the growth of pests. Furthermore, a clean atmosphere of the house helps to lessen the stress levels and instill positivity. Everyone wants a clean as well as organized house, but cleaning of the house has become frequently hard to do as of our busy work schedules.

Services Rates
1 BHK (approx 700 sq. Ft. )
Rs. 3199/
2 BHK (approx 1100 sq. Ft. )
Rs. 4199/
3 BHK (approx 1600 sq. Ft. )
Rs. 4599/
4 BHK (approx 2100 sq. Ft.)
Rs. 5199/

Deep Kitchen Cleaning Services

Services Rates
1 Kitchen
Rs. 2200/-Rs. 2000/-
2 Kitchen
Rs. 4000/-Rs. 3800/-

Kitchen cleaning is a must because there are a lot of things that go on in this place. We all know that dirty kitchen not only makes your house look aesthetically unpleasant but also can be very gross. Therefore, you can opt for our kitchen cleaning services and make sure to clean your modular trolley racks, disinfect the electrical appliances, clean the chimney & exhaust fans, etc. These deep kitchen cleaning services helps in keeping the kitchen not only clean but also makes cooking look healthy.

Bathroom Cleaning


Bathrooms are used a lot throughout a day, and hence there is a lot of accumulation of mildew and soap scum. PS Integrated Facilities bathroom cleaning services can make sure that your bathroom is well-maintained without any slippery substances. Our professional bathroom cleaning services promise to clean it from the top to bottom, including the washing of floors, and removing cobwebs. The deep clean bathroom dusting services in every bathroom always keeps the germs and dirt from getting accumulated on toilet papers, windowsills, etc.

Services Rates
1 Bathroom
Rs. 950/-Rs. 875/-
2 Bathroom
Rs. 1775/-Rs. 1650/-
3 Bathroom
Rs. 2499/-Rs. 2350/-
4 Bathroom
Rs. 3099/-Rs. 2950/-

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