Marble Polishing

marble floor polishing

Marble Polishing Services

Those dull “water spots” and “glass-rings” (etch marks) are baffling.The flooring at home or office gets dirty, cracks, scratches over a period of time and if remain unchecked, it can lead to permanent damages. Floor Polishing not only cleans and removes all the deepest stains but also restores the mirror like and factory finish look of your floors.

And often people hold false assumptions and have incorrect ideas about how to polish marble or how marble polishing is actually performed to create a shiny surface finish. So there are four steps that we provide you

  • Step 1. Scrubbing and polishing the Marble with Grinding Disk and with Red pads with prescribed chemical
  • Step 3. Applied Terra nova Taski Polishing.
  • Step 2. Applied Chemical (Taski Nobile Plus) With White and red pad
  • Step 4. Buffing the Floors.

Marble Polishing

Services Rates
Floor Re-Polishing
Rs. 25/- Rs. 15/- per sqrt.
New Floor Polishing
Rs. 35/- Rs. 28/- per sqrt.

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