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Sofa and Carpet Cleaning

PS Facilities provides you the best sofa and Carpet cleaning service for Sofa and Carpet shampoo cleaning, Sofa steam cleaning, Fabric & Leather sofa cleaning, cleaning of dining chairs, cushion and upholstery cleaning services. Our well trained and equipped sofa and carpet dry cleaners thoroughly disinfect and sanitize the sofa and carpet making sure that you have no more dust or visible marks or stains on your sofa and carpet.

Carpet Cleaning

Types Rates
Carpet Cleaning (50 sq. Ft. To 150 sq. Ft.)
Rs. 14/- Rs. 10/- per sq. Ft.
Carpet Cleaning (150 sq. Ft. To 300 sq. Ft.)
Rs. 12/- Rs. 8/- per sq. Ft.
Carpet Cleaning (300 sq. Ft. To 600 sq. Ft.)
Rs. 10/- Rs. 7/- per sq. Ft.
Carpet Cleaning (600 sq. Ft. To 1000 Sq. Ft.)
Rs. 8/- Rs. 6/- per sq. Ft.
Carpet Cleaning (Greater than 1000 sq. Ft.)
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It is a very time-consuming task for keeping your carpet neat and clean and with your busy schedule, this cannot be possible. Getting rid of germs, dangerous bacteria, mold as well as dust mites is important for the sound health and well-being of you and your family. 

PS Facilities will take care of all hard spots as well as ingrained blemishes on the carpet. With the help of our profoundly equipped team, we ensure to clean all dirt and dust. We will also utilize Scratch card stain protection for the carpet cleaning that would be able to considerably decrease carpet soiling in the future.

Sofa Cleaning

On the sofa which you relax on can easily become the reason for allergic effects including sneezing, eye-watering, and even worse than these. So it is crucial to make sure the disinfection as well as hygiene of your sofas and you know that this can’t be done with help of a simple dusting or vacuum. We at PS Facilities are one of the leading sofa dry cleaners in Mohali as we are focused on only delivering a great quality of services at a time and the way the client needs it. 

For a dust-free and neat living room, a sofa is very important, thus it is also important that your sofa is neat and clean to attract your relatives and friends. Our professionals at PS Facilities are ready to assist you as per your requirements for sofa cleaning.

Types Rates
Fabric Sofa Cleaning
Rs. 250/-Rs. 149/- Per Seat
Leather Sofa Cleaning
Rs. 250/-Rs. 149/- Per Seat
Dining Chair Cleaning
Rs. 150/-Rs. 50/- Per Seat

Cushion Cleaning

Types Rates
Small Cushions
Rs. 59/-Rs. 40/- per Cushion
Medium Cushions
Rs. 79/-Rs. 60/- per Cushion
Large Cushion
Rs. 99/-Rs. 70/- per Cushion
PS Facilities cushion dry cleaning services are profoundly recommended to ensure that your cushions have the dust, germs, and dangerous bacteria removed from your cushions.We at PS Facilities have expert professionals. They will work quickly and will help you to save time as well as money. We offer high-quality services on time and at reasonable prices as well. We understand that you take pride in your house and that is why we are focused on making your home one neat, healthier, and more pleasant environment to live in.

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