Different Types of Pest Control Methods

We all know very well that Pest control is essential for the prosperity of our health and ecology. These pests cause damage that can also affect the economy, observing how perilous these pest types are for housing properties and agriculture. We may identify unique pest control approaches based on their classifications, such as Biological, mechanical, and physical pest management methods and poisoned bait, field burning, trap cropping, and pesticides, which are all used to combat pests. Here we are going to explore all methods of Pest Control in Chandigarh one by one and why and how they are applied.

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Ancient Pest Control Methods:

If we talk about ancient times, Egyptians used pest-destroying animals as their protection against dangerous species. The most common animal that Egyptians used was cats. Cat could intelligently keep rodents away in a radius of 55 yards. Owning a cat on a farm can decrease the number of rats which is a very cheap option for modern pest control methods used by professionals.

Modern Pest Control Methods:

  1. Biological pest control: The most natural technique of pest management is the biological pest control method. It very beautifully reduces the number of pests, and it doesn’t leave any result for the rest of the environment. This treatment works when you put bacteria that kill pests in water sources, and it is still safe for us to drink. The beautiful thing about biological pest control is it completes the task of destroying the dangerous species without affecting any other aspect of mother nature.
  1. Poisoned bait: When we Go from insects to rodents, a pest control method for this species is generally the poisoned bait. However, we know a dangerous side to this brilliant method. You feed rats the poisoned meat, and it will surely get rid of them. There is a risk that if any larger animal eats the meat, it will get infected. Many times, it happened when people died from contact with the meat or eating the animal who recently had eaten the exact poisoned meat. Even though this method is very efficient, it’s not to be messed with.
  1. Field burning: Field burning is a conventional method; in this method, the whole field is burnt to kill any harmful species, including eggs that may have been left. This method will clean your area wonderfully.
  1. Mechanical pest control: This method includes the use of equipment and devices, which is why it’s beneficial. We most often use the technique by creating a protective barrier between the plant and the insect. It is nearly related to the physical pest control method, which removes and attacks the pests and prevents their spreading and further destruction.
  1. Pesticides: It is the most general pest control method that can use by anyone. It is straightforward to use, especially those that come in a spray. Some of these compounds can cause serious harm and are extremely hazardous to the environment.

To Sum Up:

We love our mother nature and surrounding people, so we try to use pest control methods that are more effective but less harmful.

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