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Owning a space seems to be all fancy where we imagine the great aesthetics, interiors, decors, and what not? However, we forget about the heavy upkeep and the property starts to fade away with time. Fortunately, we are in an advanced era where we can have specialized comprehensive Integrated Facilities services such as house cleaning services with PS Integrated Facilities. The package includes Housekeeping, Commercial Cleaning, Car Dry Cleaning, Façade and Glass Cleaning, Business Support Services, and Security Services, kitchen, and bathroom cleaning services, so that you can pay attention to maintaining the hygiene of your house.

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They believe in providing value for customers while complying with all statutory compliances following all the government guidelines and bringing the best solutions to your space.

PS Integrated Facilities have the most creative mix of professionals, methods, and technology to design tailored solutions that offer distinct business advantages to the operational efficiencies resulting in huge financial savings.

Apart from this, our cleaning service also ensures sanitizing your house with disinfectants. House sanitizing services are a must for every house these days, due to the increasing rate of pollutants in the environment. It is necessary for the little ones & old age people in your house to be at a safe place. Hence, you can surely take up the whole house disinfectant service to keep your surroundings clean for a healthy living.

cleaning services
house cleaning services

You live your dream when you build your home and create memories, However, we see our very memories fading away due to our negligence to maintain them. To assist you in keeping your family’s & house healthy PS Integrated Facilities bring you customized house cleaning services, which include sanitizing and pest control services.

The company works on the principle of prioritizing customer’s needs as they understand that deep cleaning is beneficial for a variety of reasons. It not only maintains your living spaces clean, but it also keeps you healthy and clean ensuring a dust-free space for both rest and work.


Our company has structured a team of qualified and experienced technical experts in the field of House Cleaning Services, Commercial Cleaning, support services, and Security services. No matter what space you own Workspace, home, Factory, University you can get the best cleaning packages without a hustle at PS Integrated Facilities.

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